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Check out this list of grasses and plants that Armet's Landscape has determined grow best in different parts of San Luis Obispo County. Let us help you decide what plants would both look great and grow best in your lawn. Check out our plant options page to learn more about the designations for each plant.


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Lush grasses and plants


  • Phormium Tenax (New Zealand Flax) 1235

  • Festuca Glauca (Blue Fescue) 1235

  • Pennusetum Setaceum (Red Fountain Grass) 1236

  • Helictotrichon Sempercirens (Blue Oat Grass) 1235

Find out what plants thrive in your area

Shade plants

  • Camellia 26

  • Azalea (small) 235

  • Rhododendron (large) 235

  • Brink Fern 235

  • Gardenia 25

  • Hosta 26

  • Hydrangea 25

  • Impatiens 25

  • Agapanthus (large) 125

  • Agapanthus (small) 125

grass-hero grass-supporting

1= North County

2= South County

3= Deer Resistant

4= Drought Tolerant

5= Evergreen

6= Semievergreen

7= Deciduous



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This is a list of the plants and trees that are usually available at our wholesale nursery. There are other plants and trees that do grow in our area and may be available, but are not as readily available. Please click any of the links below to see a larger size photo of our plants/groundcovers, vines, shrubs, grasses, trees or shade plants.

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