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Enhance your property's curb appeal with beautiful trees and climbing, vine-producing plants expertly planted by Armet's Landscape. We have a large crew of experienced professionals to get your lawn looking great without having to wait for weeks to get the job done.


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listed below.

Vine-producing plants

  • Campsis Radicans (Trumpet Vine) 126

  • Jasminum Officinale (White Jasmine 126

  • Trachelospermum (Star Jasmine) 125

  • Hardenbergia 1235

  • Wisteria Floribunda 127

  • Solanum Laxum (Potato Vine) 1236

  • Passiflora Belotii (Passion Vine) 26

  • Bougainvillea 25

  • Cecile Brunner Rose 126

Sturdy trees and vine-producing plants


Our jobs run smoothly and quickly for your convenience

  • Cupressus Leylandii (Leylandii Cypress) 12345

  • Cedrus Deodara (Deodar Cedar) 12345

  • Eucalyptus 12345

  • Jacaranda Mimosifolia (Jacaranda Tree) 26

  • Liquidambar 'Palo Alto' (Liquid Ambar Tree) 127

  • Betula Pendula (European White Birch) 1237

  • Alnus Rhombifolia (White Alder Tree) 1237

  • Quercus Agrifolia (Coast Live Oak) 12345

  • Olea Europaea 'Manzanillo' (Olive Tree) 125

  • Pyrus Calleryana (Bradford Pear) 127

  • Maytenus Boaria (Mayten Tree) 1235

  • Platenus Racemosa (Sycamore Tree) 1237

  • Pinus Nigra (Black Pine Tree) 12345

  • Prunus Cerasifera (Purple Leaf Plum) 1237

  • Pyrus Kawakamii (Evergreen Pear) 125

  • Sequoia Sempervirens (Redwood Tree) 1235

  • Lagerstroemia Indica (Crape Myrtle) 127

  • Syagrus Romanzoffianum (Queen Palm) 235

  • Trachycarpus Fortunei (Windmil Palm) 1235

  • Magnolia Officinalis (Magnolia Tree) 127

  • Acer Palmatum (Japanese Maple Tree) 237

trees-hero trees-supporting

1= North County

2= South County

3= Deer Resistant

4= Drought Tolerant

5= Evergreen

6= Semievergreen

7= Deciduous



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This is a list of the plants and trees that are usually available at our wholesale nursery. There are other plants and trees that do grow in our area and may be available, but are not as readily available. Please click any of the links below to see a larger size photo of our plants/groundcovers, vines, shrubs, grasses, trees or shade plants.

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